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Aromatherapy Sandalwood And Dried Flower Fragrant

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Diffuser Flower Set

The art of Aromatherapy is the one Asian signature for a long time. In order to relax from daily tired life to boost energy, brighten mood, help breathing, meditation, air refresh.

The variance designs are inspired by popular Wedding flowers, Tropical flowers, Wildflowers, and good meaning floral. Sola flower has the ability to absorb and diffuse the fragrance in a few steps.

Attach the flower with the reed stick or rope and soak it in your favorite home fragrance oil. In addition, the flower head is also a great choice for DIY handcraft supplies or for flower arrangements with its natural distinctive texture as well.

Product information:
Fragrance: a set of fragrance expanding tools for nonfragrant flowers

Color classification:

  • A: sunflower set,
  • B: white daisy set,
  • C: peony set,
  • D: peony set,
  • E: embellishment Myrtle set,
  • F: pure rattan set,
  • G: summer flower set,
  • H: pink flower ball,
  • I: white flower ball,
  • J: pink daisy rattan set,
  • K: pink rose set,
  • L: rose volatile tool set,
  • M: sleeping lotus set,
  • N: black natural curving vine
  • O: white natural curving vine
  • P: Black and white bent rattan suit