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Blackout Heavy Thick Window Treatment Curtain

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Blackout Heavy Thick Window Treatment Curtain

  • Light filtering and room darkening
  • Keeps warm air in during winter, cool air in during summer

Product Information

  • Cloth zero shear 34.00 yuan / meter 
  • Cloth whole (50 meters or more) / meter 29.00 yuan 
  • Finished product processing (punching / hooking) / meter 44.00 yuan 
  • The price of one meter for this price is not the price of a curtain.
  • [name]: solid color chenille 
  • Material: Polyester [pattern]: solid color 
  • Size finished product height 275CM, 1*2.75, 2*2.75, 3*2.75 
  • single piece weight1 piece 1 meter weight is 1 kg

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