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Self-Watering Glass Bulbs for Plant

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Self-Watering Glass Bulbs for Plant

  • The automatic watering device is suitable for the lazy, which is convenient for life and you do not worry that you will not forget water your flower.
  • The various shapes for you to choose from, which is a good ornament.
  • The glass material is easy to clean, just needing immersing it in water, and it is non-toxic and harmless.
  • Easy to use, as the water begins to run out, just refill the bottles so that it can still water your potted
  • It is a good helper for you to grow your plant indoor and outdoor, growing healthier plants by preventing over and under-watering.

Product Information

  • Item Type: Self-Watering Device
  • Material: Glass
  • Feature: Durable
  • Shape: As the picture
  • Size:23*10cm/9.1"*3.94"

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