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Lighthouse Sensing Desk Lamp

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Lighthouse Sensing Desk Lamp

A luminescent light and standout piece

Inspired by Shakespeare's sonnet 116, where he compares true love to a lighthouse, this Beech Lighthouse Lamp features a lighthouse shape and soft glowing light from the top.

Product information:
Power: 11W(inclusive)-15W(inclusive)
Style: Simple and modern
Color classification:
A L1517 short paragraph
B L1518 high
CL1517C short paragraph
DL1518C high money
E L1517CM Short model (touch version)
FL1518CM High model (touch version)
G L1517C short (log switch)
H L1518C High style (log switch)
Luminaire with light source: with a light source
Switch type: Dimmer switch
Voltage: 111V~240V (inclusive)
Lamp body quality: wood
Lampshade material: wood
Light source type: LED

Night light X1