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Modern Non-slip Floor Door Mats

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Modern Non-slip Floor Door Mats

  • The product has strong water absorption, fast permeation, and no ponding. This makes it highly effective at quickly absorbing water and oil stains.
  • It is very suitable for modern homes because of its simple and fashionable colors and patterns.
  • This non-slip floor mat is made from a PVC material combined with technical velvet that dries faster than regular floor mats. A rubber bottom with anti-skid properties is firmly grasped to increase safety and stability.
  • Surface is Napa skin,Durable.
  • Bottom is Rubber Anti-slip , effective anti-skid function.

Product Information

  • Material: Polyester (polyester fiber)
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Process: machine weaving
  • Sales method: custom carpet (yuan/flat)
  • Blanket pad category: floor mat

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