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Reading Thinker Resin Statue Ornaments

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Reading Thinker Resin Statue Ornaments

  • This figurine communicates through reading, to represent an emotion or mark a memory. figurines express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope、emotions of a life well-lived.
  • Sitting there leisurely and reading a book. A perfect gift for a book lover. The purpose here was to make a delicate gift. Something special to someone that loves art and reading. She can sit on a bookshelf.
  • Woman wrapped in book pages design and The unique thinker style attract everyone's attention, add unusual tastes and show individuality.
  • Made of resin, strong structure, and high quality, professional casting, meticulous, no odor.
  • Exquisite workmanship and lifelike statues are a way to beautify your personal space, and are the perfect decoration for home, office, library, canteen, coffee shop, tea room, or hotel decoration.

Product Information

  • Material: Synthetic resin
  • Process: Resin process
  • Hanging form: Ornament
  • Style: Rustic

Product Parameters

  • Reader 01: Product size: 9.5*5.5*5cm
  • Reader 02: Product size: 13.5*9*5cm
  • Reader 03: Product size: 14*9*4cm

Packing list

Ornament X1