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Silicone Spoon Fork for Baby

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Silicone Spoon Fork for Baby

The utensils set is made with harmless environment-friendly materials and doesn't have any sharp edges to get afraid of. 

All directional bending

Bending at will, no rebound, suitable for left and right hands
Adapt to the use habits of infants, help to eat independently
Smooth spoon shape, comfortable taste
There is no burr on the edge of the fork spoon
Fork tip passivation, baby taste more comfortable

Product Information

  • Name: Twisted fork spoon
  • Color: Cloudy Green, Mist Powder, Rock Yellow
  • Material: food-grade PP+TPE
  • Specification: double fork and spoon naked
  • Weight: The net weight of the spoon is about 30g
  • Size: spoon length, width 3cm

Package Content:
Fork spoon x1